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World of Warcraft settings high-ultraVMware running multiple guest machines, minecraft, starcraft 2 settings ultra and adobe products. Heat is almost non-existent anywhere on the laptop aside from what the vents are blowing out.

The access panel on the underside of Sony Vaio VPCYB33KXP SmartWi Connection laptop is simple to open all you need is either a flat head screwdriver or a coin. It might be the way I hit the keys or a driver issue. I'm currently using the atk 1. A SSD in my opinion is a fantastic upgrade for most systems. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I'll do my best to respond in a reasonable amount of time.


First off, I want to mention that while the G74 is kind of marketed as good for games, don't let that scare you off if you're just looking for a quality, high end notebook for other uses. The system Sony Vaio VPCYB33KXP SmartWi Connection look flashy or anything, and being good at running games just means it's good at running anything else you can throw at it too.

I get a little technical in some places here, so please feel free to ask if you've got any questions! I'm kind of trying to answer all the questions that I had about it Sony Vaio VPCYB33KXP SmartWi Connection I bought it. In no particular order: By notebook standards it's quite good, and it also feels more solid than most notebooks.

Drivers Sony VPCY21SFX

I love having a number pad, though should mention that for Sony Vaio VPCYB33KXP SmartWi Connection reason it's not a "true" number pad. Like on a desktop keyboard, the numberpad is actually completely separate keys, while on the G74, the numbers are duplicates of the numbers above your keyboard. Sony Vaio VPCYB33KXP SmartWi Connection of the time that makes no difference, though it does mean you there's no number lock on the keyboard to turn the numberpad into arrows and the like. The only fault I can find is it does have some light bleed when the system first boots before Windows loads, though I haven't noticed it once the system's booted.

Contrast and viewing angles and the like are way above average Anandtech's reviews of the G73 have shown it having the best contrast of any notebook screen.

I should note about half of my use of the Sony Vaio VPCYB33KXP SmartWi Connection is hooked up to a 24" monitor through an HDMI to DVI adapter, using an external keyboard and mouse. When you're just browsing the web or anything it's very quite, though what's impressive is that it doesn't really get much louder under full load. I think under load it's the quietest notebook I've ever used much quieter than my Macbook Air or previous Asus N Modern Warfare 2 on it just to make sure it does okay, and it seems to hold the GPU to the upper 50s or lower 60s, and the CPU just slightly warmer than that. That's easily 20 degrees c cooler than the Sony Vaio VPCYB33KXP SmartWi Connection notebooks I've used, despite the G74 having higher end hardware it's having to cool.

Intel's i7 processors overclock themselves when needed, if they're running cool enough, and impressively, even maxing out 8 threads of Folding at Home, the CPU kept itself overclocked to 2. That's with everything set to max except antialiasing off I never see the point to it at such high resolutions, though I did play with it on, which seems to reduce frame rates by maybe an average of fps, which is still excellent, though I can't tell any difference in the graphics at that resolution. It almost always looks silky smooth. I should mention that x is over 2. Nvidia does Sony Vaio VPCYB33KXP SmartWi Connection two GPUs that are faster than this, but still, this definitely gets the job done with room to spare.

Sony Vaio 3g drivers Utility

I should note that the Best Buy model of the G74 has a slightly "crippled" version of this GPU, with a bit memory interface instead of the full bit interface that the more expensive versions of the system ship with. From everything I've read, that "crippled" version is still excellent Sony Vaio VPCYB33KXP SmartWi Connection the price. That should be a given, but I've used more expensive notebooks than this that have bad hissing and crackling through the jack. The only way to hear crackling is if the microphone is cranked up. If I ever swap hard drives again, I'll just unplug the cable from the drive, and not also from the motherboard. If you plan on doing something like that, probably all you'll want to install in terms of drivers from Asus' site are the Ethernet driver, and the "ATK" driver this is for the keyboard, to make the special function keys work, like volume up and down, screen brightness, etc.


Oh, and of course I reinstalled Asus' Blu Ray playback program too. Windows handled everything else just fine, and I got the video drivers from Nvidia. Speaking of which-one of the reasons I bought this system is it's one of the few on the Sony Vaio VPCYB33KXP SmartWi Connection that DOESN'T use switchable graphics, and that DOES let you install Nvidia's normal video drivers, you don't have to use special modified ones from the manufacturer, that never get updated. I'm just running Nvidia. This utility updates the SmartWi Connection Utility or VAIO Wireless Wizard software to resolve a security issue. The SmartWi Connection Utility functions largely as a switch manager between All Programs, select the VAIO SmartWi Connection Utility folder, and click g: VPCYB33KX/ ‎P.

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