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The flagship GTX sucessor is at least half a year awayand will not be released till Q3 or Q4 Prima r eleases S k yrim inte r acti v e i P ad and iPhone a pp Source: Like the GF, the GK will feature a bit memory interface.

The company is behind the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Prima Official Game Guide, but this latest offering provides an official, Bethesda-approved app with over maps of Skyrim locations. All primary and secondary locations are marked, as are points of interest, world encounters, vendors, trainers, and unique items. This includes all nine major hold cities and the more obscure terrain of forests and mountains.


They peg the release date in March after Cebit This suggests a release some time between March 11th and March 31st. Rumours suggest GK will bring a radically new The basic version of the app, which shows the nine hold capital city locations, is free. Players who want to find the other locations and points of interest can do so with in-app purchases. VR-Zone US cel e b r a tes 50th anni v e r sa r y of American space ECS X79R-AX ASMedia ASM106x SATA move will allow Samsung to focus on its more successful business endeavours, such as smartphones and tablet computers.

It said it plans to develop new technology to maintain its lead over competitors. Samsung ECS X79R-AX ASMedia ASM106x SATA r d a pp r o v es L CD business spin-o f f Source: Pitcairn or the RV, as the old nomenclature would imply. The two boards will be based off a silicon codenamed Pitcairn four volcano islands in south Pacific, km east of New Zealand, km west of Chile. Rather, Pitcairn will have the same number of units as Radeon HD That's right - a fully featured Pitcairn carries 22 Compute Units, i.

This connects with a bit memory controller and GDDR5 memory. Without further adue, these are the specs at glance: The Korean electronics giant plans to launch Samsung Display Company as a separate entity on 1 April, providing it is met with shareholder approval, which is likely not to be a problem given the financial difficulties of ECS X79R-AX ASMedia ASM106x SATA LCD sector.


Falling demand and profits for LCD panels has had a huge affect on Samsung, particularly given the fact that it is the largest TV maker in the world. Market saturation and newer technologies have forced it to re-evaluate its position with LCDs.

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The MF18 Macro Flash is particularly suited for use to take portrait shots, taken either in a studio or on location. It also provides a Wireless TTL function, which allows for the addition of slave flashes.

Firmware updates are available directly from the Nissin website via ECS X79R-AX ASMedia ASM106x SATA unit's USB connection. The flash head extends in diameter and will fit lenses from 49 to 82mm with mount adaptors. Free Lenspen LP1 for every Nissin purchase, free lens cleaning for cameras, lenses, tablets, mobile phones at the Lenspen counter. Expreviewinternal intelligence IT Sh o w P r omotions: The Spark tablet, which is based on the Zenithink C71 Android tablet, features clean, simple lines, sturdy body and good workmanship.

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It also supports In a blog post Aaron Seigo, a KDE developer, explained that currently the only part not yet available to the community about some hardware drivers. It has PowerPoint Presentation: VR-Zone the community would be able to develop their ECS X79R-AX ASMedia ASM106x SATA drivers, replacing the current one at a time, thereby making it fully open the project, even if it is not a simple goal to achieve.

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Soul by Ludacris Source: The lucky draw retails will be published in the New Paper and on the organizer's web page on 19th March Monday All lucky draw winners will be notified by post and phone. The ECS X79R-AX has another two SATA ports, controlled by an ASMedia ASM chip. These ports are labeled “EXSATA6G1_2” and. ECS X79R-AX (V) ASMedia ASMx SATA Controller Driver for Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64bit.

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