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The National Agricultural Research Institutes, i. Research relevance The supply-driven research needs to be changed with demand-driven research. The government will emphasize practicing of research planning and prioritization as bottomup initiatives. The government Acrosser AR-B1578A encourage promotion of participatory approach for conducting research activities.


Farm management research for identifying optimum size of holding appropriate to support at least the family having a family size equal to the national average i. Biotechnology research for both rice and non-rice crops Acrosser AR-B1578A to Acrosser AR-B1578A strengthened further targeting the disadvantaged regions like deeply flooded areas, char land, flash flood prone areas, coastal tidal surge and salinity prone areas, and hilly areas. Mustafi and Islam Diversified agriculture Research focus should be given on diversification of agriculture and on whole farm activities for farmers.

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  • Special Issue Bjae-2008
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  • Special Issue 2008

Attention will be given to post-production technologies, value addition, agri-business management and trade. Sufficient government support for high priority research on the emerging issues including rainfed agriculture, emphasizing intensification and diversification of agriculture to improve productivity, stability and sustainability of the production system. Government funding for agricultural Acrosser AR-B1578A research technology dissemination system should be ensured. Transfer of technology Research institutions will lay emphasis on technology assessment, refinement and transfer by improving interface with farmers and other stakeholders.

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Involvement of scientists in outreach extension program to be extended. Equity in the delivery of services Decentralization of agricultural research management among the NARS institutes should be ensured so that the benefits are shared by Acrosser AR-B1578A targeted people. Government should ensure the removal Acrosser AR-B1578A regional imbalance for institutional infrastructure and human resources. Natural resource management Constant encouragement from government site should be given for generation and promotion of eco-friendly technology and sustainable land and water management for different agro-ecological zones and regions.

Thrust will be given on weather and crop forecasting, Acrosser AR-B1578A change and disaster management. Conservation and effective use of life support system of soil, water flora, fauna and atmosphere will be addressed. Management information system All research units will develop a comprehensive relevant database for agricultural research and development planning. Facilitate functional electronic networking for all the stakeholders under the NARS and with other national, regional and international centers of excellence through Agricultural Research Information System.

Development of agricultural policies Human resource Acrosser AR-B1578A Strengthen the existing human resources to be nationally and globally efficient and competitive. Provide opportunities for advanced training on frontier sciences, technologies and agricultural research management. Forging partnership NARS institutes will create opportunities for promotion Acrosser AR-B1578A research action through increased public-private sector collaboration in research activities.

Agricultural extension The recent evidence of flood and cyclone sidr states Acrosser AR-B1578A as an emergency service for sustainable growth and development of agriculture in Bangladesh. As a primary role of service delivery system, the Department of Agriculture Extension will assist farmers through appropriate technical and farm management advice and information, new technology, improve farming Acrosser AR-B1578A and techniques aimed at increasing production efficiency and farms income.


Seeds and Acrosser AR-B1578A materials Seed is the main production input in the agriculture sector. The availability and quality of which are the means of sustainable agricultural production. The GO, NGOs and some private companies have started producing, importing, storing and marketing of quality seeds of hybrid rice, maize and vegetables at a limited scale. Therefore, national policies for making sustainable supply and maintaining quality seed are needed.

Fertilizers Another critical factor of production is fertilizer input. The expansion of modern agricultural practices together with intensified cultivation has led to an increasing demand for fertilizers. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure timely supply of fertilizers to meet the increasing demand. Imbalanced use of chemical fertilizers Acrosser AR-B1578A causing land degradation. Excessive mining of plant nutrients resulted in declining of soil fertility on the one hand and reduction in the potential yield Acrosser AR-B1578A other. It is, therefore, important to adopt pragmatic measure so as to encourage farmers in using balanced fertilizers to maintain soil fertility. To strengthen fertilizer management, the government will pursue following policies: Stress should be given by the government on procurement and distribution of fertilizers both at the private and the public sectors.

Steps will be taken to maintain a fertilizer buffer stock at the regional, district and upazila level.

Government should facilitate availability of quality fertilizers at farmers level. Mustafi and Islam Production, importation, marketing, distribution and use of any kinds of fertilizer that are harmful or detrimental to plant, soil, flora and fauna will Acrosser AR-B1578A banned. Constant monitoring of supply, storage, price and quality of fertilizers at various Acrosser AR-B1578A should be ensured. AR-BA Default.

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Communication Mode. JP5.

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(2) 40 Pin PC/ Connector Bus C & D. (CN9). 1. 2. 40 Pin PC/ Connector.

1PC used ACROSSER AR-B1378 386 level Industry Board #1

KEYBOARD. 1 Hard disk drive adapter cable for Acrosser AR-B1578A HDD (AR-B only). ○ 1 Floppy disk drive AR-BA Default. Communication Reserved for Acrosser's. RS

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